Jazz Dot Offer Unsubscribe Code


 Jazz Dot Offer Unsubscribe 

jazz dot offer unsubscribe code

Jazz has launched a new Dot Offer for both Prepaid and Postpaid users. But with time, many of their customers are forgetting about this service- they either don't remember if it was them who subscribed to the offer or not; which is why we think that Jazz network deserves all blame in case there's ever an issue on account balance deductions due to continuous money flow after installation/subscription.

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Service deactivation is a process where you can unsubscribe from certain services. You might have come across many methods while searching for ways how to stop receiving messages or alerts, but all of them are free so don't worry about that! In order not be wasting time any more than necessary- let's start our discussion by reading through this passage carefully.

Jazz has come up with a new way to unsubscribe from its services. If you are unhappy with Jazz or wish to discontinue your subscription, this is how you can do it. All you need is the unique code that is provided in the message and follows these simple steps.

Jazz Dot Offer Unsubscribe

The only way to unsubscribe from this service is by following one of three methods. You can use SMS, Code, or Helpline and all are free but we must have knowledge on how first before going through the process

The easiest way would be via telephone call since it's in line with your provider’s customer support phone number so don't forget about picking up if needed!

  • Unsubscribe Jazz Dot Offer Through Message
  • Unsub Jazz Dot Offer through Dial a Code
  • 3rd Through Helpline

First Method to Unsubscribe Jazz Dot through SMS

Canceled subscriptions are never automatic. You have to cancel them manually via this “Unsub SMS” which will take up to 24 hours for processing, so don't panic if it takes longer than expected!

  • Go to the Messages  Write New Message Just Type UNSUBP & Send it to 6170
  • After Few Minutes Successfully unsubscribed from Jazz Dot 

Second Method To Unsubscribe Jazz Dot Offer

The Jazz 4G network has launched one code that will help you unsubscribe from all those Packages that offer services. So write “unsub” and send it to 6611, wait until they activate the dot offer for you!
After a few minutes of waiting for them to stop billing your account with their offers (dot offer), then go ahead and unsubscribe from everything!

  • Just Write New a Message Type “unsub” And Send it to 6611.

Last Method to Unsub Jazz Dot Offer

That's right, folks. We've got a last-ditch effort for those who want to permanently deactivate their dot offer and it doesn't even require calling Jazz 111! Do users want to deactivate the dot offer permanently? Make a call, and our friendly team will take care of it for you!

  • Just Call on 111.
Now you can unsubscribe from Jazz Dot Service without any balance deduction! Anyone having a prepaid or postpaid SIM containing the auto-renew services will be able to do so by following these steps. The company is allowing consumers more control over their data plans, but they might not want it if there's no cost associated with canceling this service in advance.


Jazz Dot Offer Unsubscribe Code is the latest offer for Jazz and Warid customers. The code can be used to unsubscribe from all jazz and warid services. This is a great way to unsubscribe from unwanted services and save money on your monthly bill.


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