How to Get Jazz Cash IBN Number Jazz swift code?


IBAN Number of JazzCash

IBAN Number of JazzCash

If you have a JazzCash account, then you can get an IBAN number for it. This is a unique identifier that will allow you to receive payments from other countries. In order to get your IBAN number, you simply need to log into your JazzCash account and go to the 'My Accounts' tab. From there, select the 'Manage Accounts' option and then choose the 'View/Edit Account Details' option. Your IBAN number will be displayed on this page. Make sure to keep this number handy so that you can use it when receiving payments from other countries.

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JazzCash IBN Number Swift Code

Do you know what an IBAN number is? If not, don't worry most people don't. An IBAN number is essentially a unique identification code for bank accounts used in certain European countries.

You can now get your very own JazzCash IBAN number that is linked to your mobile number! You can use this number to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Here's how you can get your own JazzCash IBAN number:

That's all there is to it! With your JazzCash IBAN number, you can now send and receive money internationally without any hassle. So what are you waiting for? Get your own JazzCash IBAN number today! 

What is Jazz Cash IBAN Number?

Jazz Cash IBAN number is a unique code that is assigned to your account by the bank. This code is used to identify your account when making international money transfers. The IBAN number consists of up to 34 characters, including the country code, followed by your account number and other identifying information.

If you're sending or receiving an international money transfer, you'll need to provide your IBAN number to the sender or recipient. Your IBAN number can be found on your bank statement or by logging in to your online banking account. If you don't have an IBAN number, you can still receive international payments but it may take longer for the funds to reach your account.

How to Get Jazz Cash IBN Number Jazz swift code?

JazzCash offers an IBAN number that can be used to receive international payments. Customers can get their JazzCash IBAN number by logging in to the app and going to the "Profile" section. To learn more about how to use your JazzCash IBAN number,

  • First of all Download Jazz Cash From Play Store.
  • Then log in to the Jazz Cash app
  • After selecting the Payoneer by JazzCash app.
  • Now registration for Payoneer with the Jazz Cash App.
  • Registration and Make a Payoneer account
  • Then Provide your contact some other required details.
  • Now enter the Information of your account for a security pin.
  • Then Jazz cash app will automatically generate your Account Details.
  • Just wait for a confirmation SMS.
  • Now Payoneer account is linked to the Jazz Cash.
  • The jazz Cash application will automatically generate an IBAN number for you.
  • Therefore Jazz Cash IBAN number is PK29JAZZ0000000000000000001

When you need help with your Jazz Cash account, contact the bank’s official helpline at 4444. The International Bank Account Number is 100% accurate and other users can also reach out for 021-021-11112444 using this number if required!

With this partnership, freelancers in Pakistan can now receive payment directly from their JazzCash accounts without the hassle of going to a bank branch. All they need is an email address and phone number for verification purposes! With Payoneer, you can receive funds instantly and use them for a variety of purposes. There are 80k+ agents across India that will accept your payments or withdraw cash at an ATM machine!


JazzCash gives you the option to have an IBAN number, which is a unique identifier for bank accounts in Europe. This number can be used to receive payments from European companies and customers. If you would like to get a JazzCash IBAN number, follow Above simple steps.


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