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Jazz PUBG Packages 

Jazz PUBG Daily, Weekly & Monthly Package

If you're looking for a new experience, then the Jazz Internet PUBG Packages is worth checking out. We have partnered up with Bluehole to offer an exclusive Player Unknown's Battlegrounds package that will give you and your friends access to some of the coolest weapons and vehicles in town. With our special discounts on servers and hosting packages, we'll make sure that all your gaming needs are met. 

The jazz pubg packages are the best way to play pubg with friends. They come in three different flavors, which you can see below. The cool thing about these packs is that they include items for all platforms so everyone can play together on xbox or pc! I've tried it myself and it works great. You'll even get some free coins thrown in just to say thanks for buying! As video games become more and more advanced, it's common to see people creating custom game controllers. While this is usually done with consoles and PC gaming, there are plenty of examples where you can customize a controller for an Xbox or Playstation console. However, if we're talking about the real future in customized controllers – we need to talk about using your phone as a controller! This is exactly what PUBG Corp has just announced: that they will be releasing official bluetooth controller shells for iOS and Android devices so you can play PUBG on your mobile device with ease! Read on below for all the details!

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Jazz PUBG Daily, Weekly & Monthly Package

PUBG is the latest game to take over the world. It's played by millions of people around the globe, but it has its roots in Korea. The game was so popular that it became an e Sport with major tournaments and prize pools for winners! With such a large following, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on PUBG. You don't need to buy Pubg or spend money just to play it because Jazz Internet offers the best experience in town!

Jazz Daily PUBG Internet Package

The new Jazz Daily PUBG Package is the perfect way to get into Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. You can enjoy all of your favorite music while you play, and it also comes with a free month of YouTube Red! This offer is only valid for one week so don't miss out on this opportunity. Visit our website now if you want to take advantage of this limited time promotion!

How to Subscribe Jazz Daily PUBG Package?

  • To subscribe to the Jazz PUBG package, dial * 117 * 4 # from your phone.
  • Package Info: 1GB data for PUBG
  • Charges: Rs 27 (inclusive of taxes)
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Check remaining Data MBS: Dial * 117 * 4 * 2 #

Bundle Name Jazz Daily PUBG Package
Price Rs.27 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 1 GB data for PUBG
Duration 01 Day
How to Activate Dial *117*4#

Jazz Night PUBG Offer

Bundle Name Jazz Daily Night PUBG Offer
Price Rs.15 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 2 GB data for PUBG (12AM to 12PM)
Duration 01 Day
How to Activate Dial *757#

Jazz Weekly PUBG Package

If you are looking for a weekly PUBG package, then look no further. Jazz Weekly is here to provide the best content to help you get better at PUBG. Every week we will be covering all of the important topics and news so that you can keep up with everything happening in this fast paced world of battle royale games. We have industry insiders giving their take on what they think about each new update as well as amazing personal stories from different players who have made it big in this game. Whether you are just getting started or are already one of the best out there, there is always something to learn from these articles so read them all! With our weekly updates, keeping up will never be an issue again! Check back

How to Activate PUBG Weekly Jazz Package?

  • Just dial * 117 * 47 # from your phone on Activate Weekly PUBG Jazz Package.
  • Package details: PUBG + 50 4GB data for all networks minutes
  • Price: Rs. 169 (inclusive of taxes)
  • Appropriateness: Weekly
  • Check remaining Data MB and minutes: Dial * 117 * 47 * 2 #.

Bundle Name Jazz Weekly PUBG Package
Price Rs.169 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 4 GB data (50 all networks call mins)
Duration 07 Day
How to Activate Dial *117*47#

Jazz Weekly PUBG Offer

Bundle Name Jazz Weekly PUBG offer
Price Rs.213 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 7GB for PUBG
Duration 07 Day
How to Activate Dial *159#
How to Remaining data MBS Dial *159*2#

Jazz Weekly Plus Offer

Bundle Name Jazz Weekly PUBG Plus offer
Price Rs.275 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 15 GB + 10 GB DATA (2 AM to 2 PM) for PUBG
Duration 07 Day
How to Activate Dial *453#
How to Check Remining Data MBs Dial *453*2#

Jazz Monthly PUBG Internet Package

Jazz Monthly is a 4G service that offers you the best in internet with fast speeds and unlimited usage. With our PUBG Internet Package, you can play all day without worry!

Jazz Monthly PUBG Internet Packages are now available to Jazz users. This package will allow you to get 25GB of data for just Rs. 499 with a validity period of one month. You'll also be able to make unlimited voice calls and stream videos without buffering using this internet pack! Jazz has launched two new internet packages in collaboration with PUBG, the popular video game! The first is the 25GB/month plan which costs Rs. 630+ Tax and comes with a one-month validity period. It allows you unlimited voice calling over 3G/4G networks along with access to streaming services like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all at lightning speed thanks to 4G LTE technology! With an affordable price.

How Subscribe Jazz Monthly internet PUBG Package?

  • Just dial * 2000 # from your phone to subscribe to Jazz Monthly PUBG package.
  • Package Details: 25GB Internet Data  for PUBG 10GB for YouTube + 250 minutes for all networks.
  • Charges: Rs 630 (inclusive of taxes)
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Check out the information about the monthly premium offer: dial information code * 2000 * 3 #
  • Check remaining Data MB and minutes: dial * 2000 * 2 #

Bundle Name Jazz Monthly PUBG Package
Price Rs.630 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 25 GB data + 10 GB YouTube 250 Call Minutes for all Network
Duration 30 Day
How to Activate Dial *2000#

Jazz Monthly PUBG Data Offer

Bundle Name Jazz Monthly PUBG Offer
Price Rs.525 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive 22 GB data + 12 GB data 2Am to 2PM PUBG
Duration 30 Day
How to Activate Dial *117*32#
How to Remaining MBs Dial *117*32*2#


Jazz Pubg internet Packages is faster and more reliable than any other provider in the country. We offer daily, weekly and monthly packages that allow you to use as much bandwidth as you want for a flat rate price! If you're looking for an affordable yet high-quality way of staying connected with friends and family around the world, we can help. You don't need to be stuck playing PUBG without your favorite music or videos - let us handle all of those pesky data limits so you can focus on winning!  If you are looking for the perfect internet service provider to get your personal or business needs met, then contact Jazz PUBG today. With packages that range from daily up to monthly plans, there is sure to be a package available for everyone. Whether this is an emergency fix before heading out of town on vacation, or if you simply need more bandwidth in order to watch Netflix uninterrupted while working at home all day long- our team can help! Give us a call and we will set you up with one of the best providers around who has always been committed to providing excellent customer service since 1997.

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