Telenor Balance Save Code 2022


 How to save Telenor balance by using Code and internet

All telecom networks shared their different methods and codes to save balance but users don’t aware this facility. Recently we share how you can lock or save their jazz balance and, in this article, we share complete information that how you save or lock their Telenor balance while using internet and other phone applications.

 Telenor is the best and most famous telecom network in Pakistan which provide many services to their users like SMS packages, call minutes and internet packages. Whether the Telenor users don’t face any problem regarding their balance or packages but some times they face problem in using internet their balance reduce or increase and they don’t know this reason. So, to solve this problem of their Telenor user we share here some methods that how you can lock or save their Telenor SIM balance by using codes. Just dial these codes and remain tension free regarding their Telenor balance. So read this article and get benefit

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How to save and lock Telenor Balance


Here we will share three different methods that how you can save their Telenor balance which are given below

1. Lock Telenor Balance by using code

2. Save Telenor balance by using codes

3. Save balance through their phone setting

Detail of these methods are mentioned here

1.Lock Telenor balance by using code

Many times, we are using internet even we have internet package but our balance reduce. The reason is our Net package is finish and we don’t know this, and many times our family or friends take our mobile and finish our balance. Then to avoid this problem you can lock their mobile Telenor SIM by using these simple steps given below.



  • Dial *7799# from your phone and press call button.
  • Now follow the instructions and request to lock their Telenor balance
  • After some seconds you will receive a conformation message that your balance has been locked.
  • It is the easiest method to lock their Telenor balance.



You can unlock their balance by using the same method of lock their Telenor balance

2.Save Telenor Balance by using code

The second method to save their Telenor balance given below.



  • Dial a code “345” from your phone and press call button.
  • After that you will listen options then reply with “1”. 
  • Now talk with Telenor operator and ask them to activate their PayG Blocker service.  
  • Now you will receive a conformation that you have successfully subscribed PayG Blocker Service.
  • Now you can use their internet without any tension of balance.



3.Save Telenor balance by using Mobile Setting

You can also save their Telenor balance by using their phone setting. It was the so easy method which you can use it by following the steps given below.



  • Open your mobile phone setting (android or iPhone).
  • Now go to their Network setting.
  • Now click on “mobile Data”
  • A new list will show with all apps 
  • Now which apps you have packages stay on like Facebook, Whattsapp, Messenger.
  • Which apps you don’t have package or don’t need turn off like YouTube, google etc.
  • Now your balance will be saved 100%.



Terms and conditions


• Using Telenor lock balance options company terms and conditions will be applied. 

• The option saves their balance by using PayG blocker service will be charges 10 Pakistani rupees.

• These offers are valid just for Telenor prepaid users.

• Your SIM is your identity so take your SIM after complete Bio-Metric verification.


In this article we give you complete information that how you can save or lock their Telenor balance by using some codes and their mobile setting. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you.

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