Earn money online in Pakistan by typing 2022


How to earn money online in Pakistan by typing?

Everyone wants to do a job from home. Nobody wants to face the office hectic routine. Online typing jobs are the favorite jobs of students. Every student can do this easy job.
Nowadays the scope of freelancing is increasing day by day. People are doing different jobs. Some people are doing graphic designing while others are doing content writing. Some people are doing app development while some people are doing the job of website development. These all jobs are offered on different freelancing platforms.
Famous and trusted freelancing platforms are following.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Truelancer

But if you want to earn money online then you must have a grip on any demanding skill. If you have any skills then you will succeed in online jobs. But in some jobs, you do not require any specific skill. You can earn money with short skills.

In online typing jobs, you do not require any specific skill. You people have a strong grip on Microsoft Word.
You just need to put data in different spreadsheets and documents in Microsoft office. Customers will give you data and you have to put that data in different formats.

If you have excellent skills of typing on the keyboard then online typing jobs are suitable for you. If you will complete the given work by the deadline then this job is suitable for you. You can start this service as a career. But you should be professional in this skill.

Different industries will hire you. In all fields data entry jobs are available. They hire typing specialists and data entry operators for work.

If you are a master in typing and you type documents with accuracy then you become a typist. You will earn money in dollars.
If your typing speed is between 55 words per minute to 90 words per minute then you will get this job easily. You can do this job easily if you have the above-mentioned typing speed. You will get different data on daily basis and you need to convert data in a specific format. The client will specify the format. You will follow the guidelines of the client.

If you have successfully obtained this job then you will earn dollars. You can handsome amount in the form of dollars.

What is an online typing job (online or offline)?

In this job, you need to convert data in text form. The client will specify the format. He will ask you about different formats. These formats include Microsoft Word, Microsoft, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. If your typing speed is low then you can use another method. You can use the technology of speech to text. By using this method you can save time and increase your typing speed. You will be able to complete this task within a very short time.

Why do Pakistani want to get an online job?

Everyone prefers an online job. Because you can do this job easily without any experience. People prefer this easy job. You can do this job according to your working hours. You will be your boss in this regard. You people will be working in a safer place. You can overcome the stress. But on the internet, you will find different websites and some websites are trusted and some websites are not trusted. You can not easily justify between fake and real job websites. If someone demanding a registration fee then it is sure that the job is fake.

Major difference between Data entry Job and Online typing job?

There is little difference between online typing jobs and data entry jobs. In a data entry job, you will be working as a clerk. You need to enter the data in different formats. You will be given data in the form of pictures and you will convert this data into a different format. Data entry has two types. One is online and the other is an offline data entry job.
In an online typing job, you need to type the data in different formats. You will convert different data into different formats. Online typing job is an easy job.

How to find online typing jobs?

You can find online typing jobs by following different methods.
You can find these jobs on different freelancing platforms. In the next paragraph, I will discuss the best freelancing platforms. You can also find these typing jobs through Facebook. On Facebook different groups are available. Different people post different jobs in the group. You can get typing jobs easily.

Typing jobs without paying any registration fee:

While working online keep in mind never pay a single penny to anyone for registration. Because fake websites and scammers charge registration fees from workers and in return do not offer jobs.

Best freelancing platforms:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • People per hour
  • Freelancer.com
  • Truelancer.com
  • Facebook groups

How to receive payment from international clients?

Different third-party websites are offering withdrawal options to freelancers. But first create an account and then connect those accounts with a local bank account.
Payoneer is the best option for receiving money from international clients. Payoneer is suitable for Pakistani and Indians freelancers. Here is a list of trusted withdrawal options.

  • WebMoney
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Western Union

Keep in mind PayPal is not functional in Pakistan. This option is suitable for Indians freelancers.

How to receive payment from local clients?

You can receive payment easily from your local clients. You can use your bank account. Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa options are best for receiving money from local clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question Number 1: Can we withdraw money in Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa?

Answer: No, we can not withdraw money in Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa from the International marketplace.

Question Number 2: What are the withdrawal methods?


  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy Paisa
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Web Money

Question Number 3: Can we receive money in a local bank account?

Answer: Yes, you can receive money in a local bank account. But you will pay a little bit of tax.

Question Number 4: Are we require any specific skills for typing job?

Answer: No, you don’t need any specific skill.

Question Number 5: Is a laptop or PC is necessary for an online job?

Answer: Yes, the laptop is necessary because you need to convert data in different formats.


In this informative article, I discuss online typing jobs in Pakistan for students. If you feel any difficulty while finding this job you can ask question in the comment box and our dedicated team will answer your question.


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