Zong Advance Loan Balance Code 2022


 In this Post we will give you zong advance balance loan code.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has placed zong as the best service provider of Data and also for Voice Call Services. Zong is also providing its customers with a lot services and packages of a common needs.

Numbers of people are using these services. You have a variety of services before you. select one of your choice.

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BUT sometimes you have no balance and you have got to make some important calls.

And even if you don’t have a single Rupee in your mobile phone you need not to worry about it.  Or you need not ask any of your friends. Zong has the solution. Now you can take an advance balance from Zong. Pay for that advance some other time. You will be charged a very little service charges for that, at the time of your next recharge. 

The users with postpaid connections enjoy this facility because they pay their bills at the end of month. But Zong provides the same facility to the prepaid customers to a limit. Now the prepaid customers can be able to use balance without worrying about  pre- recharge.

So do not bother your self about what to do when you have zero balance. 

BUT,  It may happen that you do not know how to get this offer ?


How to Get Zong Loan Advance Balance ?



Zong has set a procedure to apply for loan or advance of balance. So when you are going to apply for advance you should keep in your mind,


a) Because this service is provided to solve the problem of zero balance, So you can not use it if you have some balance in your account. Your balance must not be more than 5 rupees to apply loan otherwise your request will be rejected.


b)  Postpaid Users can not apply for it.


Zong Advance Loan Balance Code

Zong  requires its customers to send just an SMS and here you are. Your account balance will be updated by Zong. 


  • So Goto Messages > Writte New and here write “Rescue” and then send request to 911
  • Soon you will be informed about your loan request.
  • You can not apply the advance repeatedly. Once given to you the next you would not be able to apply again until you have paid the earlier one.



The return of loan is simple. When you will recharge,  the amount you have used in advance and the service charges e.g  3 rupees and 50 paisa would be deducted.

It is a very useful service with a very low price. 



  • The Criteria for applying Zong Advance can not be applied to other networks
  • The amount of advance you receive may also differ from one another.
  •  And services charges may also be different.
  • Different companies provide different time subscription. (Some provides single time loan and some more than one time, before it is returned)
  • Zong stands among the toppers of the mobile networks with an attractive range of offers and efficient services.
  • Enjoy these services with a very reasonable cost. Calls, MSGs, Internet and other offers. All this is available to you. Even if you don’t have the balance.
  •  More than 25 million people use Zong services. It is successfully introducing new and useful offers and packages. One of which is to give the customers a facility to take advance. This is a useful offer and is liked by people.
  • So just remember the way to apply for advance, and become tension free in case of zero balance.

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