Ufone Balance Save Code 2022


 How to save or Lock Ufone balance by using Code and mobile setting

Ufone is the best and famous telecom network in Pakistan. It has millions of subscribers. Ufone provides many services to their loving customers like SMS packages, call minutes and internet MBs. Rather all services of Ufone network are the good but the best service is their call minutes and internet facility, Ufone also provide 4G internet for the facility of their users. 

In the current fierce competitive market, it is important for a company to have a strong presence and ufone balance save code. Ufone has been in the industry since 1996 and continues to grow as one of Pakistan's leading telecommunication companies. With their recent introduction of prepaid packages, they are providing customers with more ways than ever before to stay connected while on the move. The team at iphoneshoppakistan would like to share an article about ufone's latest offers with you!

Like all other telecom networks ufone also provide balance save codes through which users can lock their balance and can use any internet or call package without any tension, but many users don’t know this offer and they face problem regarding their balance, so we write this article for the help of Ufone users.

In this article we will give you information that how you can save or lock their Ufone balance by using some code and mobile setting which complete procedure is discussed below and hope so this article will be very beneficial for you. So read this complete post and get benefit.


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Ufone balance save service

Here we will give you two different methods to save or lock their balance. When you subscribe these codes, you can use their mobile data without any tension about balance, which methods are given below

1. Subscribe Ufone balance lock code

2. Unsubscribe Ufone balance lock code

3. Ufone balance save by using mobile setting

So, we start our topic with complete detail which was discussed below

1.Ufone Balance Save Code

Did you know that there is a way to save your Ufone balance? With the Ufone Balance Save Code, you can keep your balance from depleting, even if you are not using your phone. This is a great option for those who want to make sure they always have money available on their account. Keep reading to learn more about the Ufone Balance Save Code and how to use it.

Ufone is an innovative company that provides its customers with a free service to help them save on their mobile data.

How to Active Ufone Balance Save Service?

  • Just Dial *6611# From your Sim to Activate balance save service.
  • Offer Charges: Zero
  • Validity: N/A
Package Name Ufone Balance Save Service Code
Price Rs.0
Info Using Internet without Tension
Validity N/A
How to Active Dial *6611#

2.Subscribe Ufone balance Lock code

Many times, you using internet and you SIM balance is finish even you have internet package which has many reasons like to finish package and you don’t know and many other issues. But to avoid this problem you need to first lock their balance and then use their internet package which will be helpful for you and will save you from further tension which codes are given below.


  • First to dial a code *3344# and press send button
  • After you will receive a new conformation message
  • Then reply a message with subscribe balance save code.
  • Now your balance will be locked and saved in other account.
  • After you will be received a new SMS that your balance successfully locked.
  • 0.05 PKR standard charges will be applied on this option.
  • After successfully locked your balance, you can easily use their internet package without any tension.


3.Unsubscribe Ufone balance save code

When you subscribe Ufone balance save code then your balance will be locked which you can’t use until to unlock it. Then you can easily unlock their locked balance by following the steps given below.



  • Dial a same code “*3344#” and press send button.
  • Then reply a conformation message with “unsubscribe balance save code”. 
  • Now your Ufone balance will be unlocked 
  • After you will be received a Notification that your balance has been successful unlocked or unsubscribed.



Ufone balance save code locked and unlocked have same codes but procedure is different which you can use any time.



4.Ufone Balance save by using mobile setting

The best and newest method to save their SIM is to using their mobile setting which method is given below.

  • Open your mobile setting (android, iPhone)
  • Now go to their network setting
  • Then click on Mobile data
  • Now a list will be open of all apps
  • Which apps you have package stay them on like Whattsapp and Facebook. 
  • Which apps you don’t need or have no package turn off these apps like google, play store, You Tube etc.
  • By applying this method, you can save their balance 100% and can use their mobile data without any tension.


Terms and Conditions

  • By using Ufone balance saver code you follow the company terms and conditions.
  • Ufone balance saver code standard charges 0.05 PKR will be applied each time when you lock your balance.
  • Ufone company can change these codes any times.
  • Your Phone is your identity so take your SIM after complete Bio-metric verification.



In the previous article we share Zong, Jazz and Telenor balance save code which you can check in our website. In this article we give you complete and correct information that how you can lock, unlock and save their ufone SIM balance by using some codes and mobile setting. Hope so this article will be very beneficial and helpful for you and according your need.


Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Facebook, Whattsapp, twitter and Instagram so that they can be benefited from this information. For more any query or need you extra guidance please visit our website or leave a comment in comment box. 

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