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 How to remove and unsubscribe Ufone packages

Ufone is the most popular and cellular telecom network of Pakistan. It has millions of subscribes. They provide many packages to their valuable customers like SMS packages, call packages, international call packages, internet and 4G services. The best service of Ufone is their internet packages which was provides at fast and affordable rate.

But the problem is to remove Ufone packages, many customers subscribe ufone packages but they don’t know how to remove or unsubscribe these packages and some time some packages are hidden due to which customer balance was remove and they don’t know how to remove these packages. To remove ufone packages is not an easy trick, it has a complete and proper method which we will discuss in this article and hope it will be very beneficial for ufone customers.

Table of Content (toc)

Here we will explain how to remove or unsubscribe

• Ufone SMS packages

• Ufone call packages

• Ufone internet packages

• Extra hidden packages

• Number blocking service

• Utune service package

Detail of these points was discussed below, please read it and get benefits


How to remove Ufone SMS packages 

First of all, we will tell you that how you can remove their Ufone SMS packages which was continues on different time duration like as

How to remove Ufone All Packages

Now we discuss the detail of these SMS packages one by one


1.Ufone Daily SMS Package Unsubscribe 

To remove Ufone daily and ON-NET SMS package write a message “unsubscribe” and send to “8611”. 

Daily SMS packages can be removed by typing a message “UNSUB” and send to “605”. 


2.Night SMS package Unsubscribe 

  • To remove Ufone night SMS package write a message “unsub” and send “8609”.


3.Weekly SMS packages Unsubscribe 

  • To remove Ufone weekly SMS package type a message “unsub” and send to “8066”.


4.Yearly SMS package Unsubscribe 

If you using Ufone yearly SMS package and you don’t want to use it furthermore, you can deactivate this offer like as

Write a message “unsub” and send to “8601”.


5.UTH SMS FNF package Unsubscribe 

  • To remove Uth SMS FNF package type a message “unsub” and send to 8604”.  
  • To remove daily Uth SMS service type a message “unsub” and send to “506”.



How to remove Ufone call packages

  • Ufone call packages (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • All Ufone call packages can be removes with a single code which was given below
  • To deactivate call waiting offer dial a code *43# and press call button.
  • You can also deactivate Ufone call waiting service by dialing a code #43#.  



How to remove Ufone internet packages

To remove Ufone internet packages first you need to install Ufone mobile app from google play store, register with their Ufone number. After go to setting and unsubscribe Ufone internet packages and save their balance.



Ufone Extra hidden packages

Some packages are hidden like SMS, call and internet packages about which you don’t know but their balance is out after load due to you face a problem. But you don’t worry you can remove all these packages like as

  • Dial a code 333 or number 0331-1333100
  • Now ask Ufone agent to remove their all-extra packages
  • Now your all-extra packages have been removed. 
  • After removal all-extra packages, you will receive a conformation message 
  • that your number all extra packages (SMS, call and internet) has been removed or deactivated. 


Number blocking service

Some Ufone customers take a service of number blocking due to continuously some charges are cutting according their service. 

If you want to remove or deactivate number blocking service Type a message “unsub” and send to “420”.


Utune service package

To remove Ufone Utune service package type a message “unsub” and send to “666”. After some seconds this offer will be deactivated and you will receive conformation message. 




These above all service are free of cast mostly and some are nominal charges, so you can remove these all packages any time without any tension of balance.



In this article we give you many codes and tricks to remove their unnecessary packages like extra packages (SMS, Call, internet), number blocking, Utune service package and many others. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for Ufone users.

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