Top Best Highest Paying Url Shorterner Websites Without Captcha


 Best URL Shortener Websites in the world

Currently, there are many URL shortener websites in the world through millions of peoples can earn money online but question is that how we can earn online money by the URL Shortener websites. It is a very simple and easy method to earn money online in 2021. If you have social networking platforms as you have 

Facebook account, Google account, Twitter account, and any other social communicating channel or sites then you have to simply share these highest paying URL shortener websites links on your accounts, and when someone press on your sharing URL links some of the amounts will be added to your account. You can earn money online with the best URL Shortener websites by sitting at your home. For this type of earning money, you do not have any technical skills just share links and earn money.

Benefits of URL Shortener websites

One of the most important benefits of URL shortening websites is that enhances your SEO and helps you to show up search engines when your people search for you. You know that social media and mobile app sharing have now become the most popular ways to attract an audience. Another benefit of URL shortening websites among your audience nobody wants to copy and paste the long links into their messaging apps or on social media platforms. Many URL Shortener websites come with a tracking software which allows peoples to check the click location details and also you can check that how many times you visited and who visited the link and why he visits this URL Shortener websites. If you know how to improve your services this can be a profitable idea for you.

Is It Easy To Earn With URL Shortener Websites?

Yes, it is very to earn with URL Shortener websites you just share the links to other peoples via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on articles, blogs, etc. for earning money online you need to be a creative man. Nowadays audience wants to read about trending topics or viral news, so just find out some trending topics and viral websites, shorten their links and share on your social media accounts and websites. You get money if someone presses on your shortened link. It is a very simple and easy method to get money from staying at your home.

In 2021 List of Best URL Shortener Websites

It is very difficult to find out the best URL shortener websites in the world but I found it with a lot of hard work and search on these websites. 

If you want to select the correct URL shortener websites you can determine the websites by these factors:

  • The site’s age
  • Minimum payout
  • Payment dates
  • Web design
  • In all countries price of One thousand click          

These five factors are mostly the criteria to check the accuracy of URL shortener websites but you want to look for cost proofs of these websites. Following are some best URL shortener websites in 2021:

one of the best URL shortener website to monetize your traffic. These websites can always pay on time you can trust these websites. You can earn lot of money through zagl. you can withdrawal from bitcoin and paypal and other methods available for all countries.

Join Zagl Site


Minimum Withdrawal : $3


It is the best URL shortener website to monetize your traffic. These websites can always pay on time you can trust these websites. You can get up to 220 dollars per ten thousand views and the lowest payout is 5 dollars. You can receive your money by PayPal, skrill, phonepe, bitcoin, etc. This website also gives one dollar as a signup bonus. The referral program can also run through these websites, it gives you a 20 percent (%) referral bonus. You can simply visit the site and check the payment proof section in the menu.


  • Signup bonus 1 ($) dollar
  • 5 ($) dollar minimum payout
  • Daily payment
  • Receive payment through Bitcoin Skrill, PayPal, etc.
  • Twenty (20) percent (%) referral bonus for lifetime

It is one of the best URL shortener websites; you can say that it is the brother of shrinkearn. This website has a high CPM rate. To earn money online is the best URL website. Recently, this website gives you 20 dollars per one thousand visits with a low CPM of three dollars. It also gives a 25% referral bonus to its users.


  • Referral commission is 25%
  • Payment received by PayPal, bank transfer and Upi, etc.
  • The minimum amount is five dollar
  • Payment daily.


It is a new URL shortener website that gives payment daily within 12 hrs. Now, this site can pay 20 dollars up to 1000 views with the lowest CPM of 3 dollars. This site can give a 25% bonus for referring to other users. This URL website can give payment through Indian bank transfer, UPI, Skrill, PayPal, etc.


  • The lowest payment is five dollar
  • Payments received daily
  • The referral bonus is twenty-five percent
  • Payment options are bank transfer, UPI, PayPal, etc. (Former Cut URLs) 

Former cut URL ( is one of my favorites URL Shortner websites in the world. On this website, you can get 15 dollars for up to 1000 views. I received many payments from this website so; I recommend this website to you. This URL shortener website can pay through bitcoin and other options like PayPal, Skrill and Western Union, etc.


  • The main advantage is of minimum withdraw of 4 dollars
  • Payment received from PayPal, PTC, and Bitcoin, etc.
  • Joining bonus of other user is 15%


This website is a very old and trusted URL website in the world. The reason behind this is of high CPM rate and payment daily. If you want to earn money with shrinkearn then just shorten any long URL link and share the link on your social accounts anywhere. If someone clicks on your shorten link then you will get money. At present this website offers 20 dollars per one thousand visits with 3 dollar CPM rate.


  • Payment daily within 12 hrs.
  • The lowest cash-out limit is 5 dollars.
  • 25% commission to all its users.
  • This website using multiple payment methods like Bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, etc.


On these websites, you can earn money online with a different style. This website varies in CPM rate ranging from 3.5 dollars to 10 dollars. You can draw your balance on daily basis on this website. The minimum amount of cash out is five dollars. You can draw your payment through Payeer, PayPal, and Bitcoin, etc.


  • The lowest withdraw is 5 dollar
  • Payment received from PayPal, PTC, Payer, and Bitcoin, etc.

This URL shortener website gives offer a profit range from one to ten dollar. If you want to register your account on this site then you don’t need any payment for registering your account. The minimum payment you can withdraw is 1 dollar. You can get payment from PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, and Skrill, etc.


  • You can draw payment from different options like PayPal, Skrill, and payza, etc.
  • Profit range from 1 dollar to 10 dollars.


It is the best URL shortener website paying payments without a captcha. You can shorten the link and share on different social accounts and earn money online. If someone can click on your sharing URL link then you get paid by the website. This site pays 16 dollars for one thousand views. Millions of peoples use Facebook and other social media programs, imagine that if thousands of people can click on your sharing URL website then you get a lot of money.


  • Payment on a daily basis
  • Referral commission is about 20%
  • The lowest withdraw is 5 dollar
  • Payment options are PayPal, Bank transfer and Bitcoin, etc.

This is one of the oldest and trusted URL websites to shorten the link and get paid through online accounts. This website pays on the 10th of every month. The referral bonus is 20% for all users. You can withdraw a minimum of five dollars by PayPal and 20 dollars for Payoneer.


  • Payment can be withdrawn from PayPal and Payoneer.
  • Lifetime commission of 20 percent on every referral.
  • The lowest withdraw is five dollars.

It is also one of the best URL shortener websites in the world. You can get money by shorting the long and ugly URL links and share on your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels, etc. this website offers three to five-dollar on 1000 views. The lowest withdraw is only five dollars. You can get paid by different options like Bitcoin, PayPal within four days. If you can invite 1 person you get a 20 percent commission on one invitation.


  • Twenty percent lifetime commission on one invitation.
  • The minimum cash out is five dollar
  • Payment can be received from PayPal and Bitcoin.

Here we have it guys, We have discussed many URL shortener websites and the above-mentioned URL websites are the best in the world. If you want to register yourself on these websites then visit their official site and join these websites and earn money online from home.


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