Scooty for Girls - Best Ladies Scooty Price In Pakistan


In this modern age , females from  all over the world are using scooties for this daily routines. Scooty trend is also growing in Pakistan

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In the modern world woman is taking equal part in every field of life. They have proved that they are not less capable. A woman today is more independent than in the past. She is not dependent of a man even if she has got to go anywhere. 

In the past, riding bike was usually associated with males. But with the passage of time trends have changed. It is not only something about fashion but it has made of woman’s life more easier when she needs the help of no one go any where. This time is increasing in the eastern countries.

Best scooty price in pakistan 2022

In the Pakistan the prices of  Lady scooties are from Rs 20,000/- to about Rs 90,000/-. You can visit Online stores like,, and  for this purpose.

United Scooty

United Scooty 80 CC and 100 CC are another good choice for the girls. Who have got to travel in daily routine. These Scooties have 4 Stroke Engine. This is a best choice for  girls to have a  comfortable and reliable ride. The price of United 80 √áC Scooty is 90,000/- and United 100 CC Scooty is 95,000/-. This is a best option for the girls who want to take their friends with them too.


Below is the details of Vespa Scooties:

1. Vespa LX 125 with the price of Rs. 79,078

2. Vespa ZX 125 CBS with the price of Rs..83,191

3. Vespa VXL 125 CBS with the price of Rs..92,977

4. Vespa SXL 125 CBSwith the price of Rs..96,278

5. Vespa VXL ABSwith the price of Rs..1,03,729

6. Vespa SXL 150 ABSwith the price of Rs..1,07,781


Mostly these are 50 CC machines, having wind screens with LED Headlight and Disc Brakes and anti theft lock. They are  self start

If we talk about the fuel consumption these scooties are having a very good average and they are very affordable. Super Power Scooty 

70 CC 2021

This is another best options for the scooty lovers in Pakistan. It is having Clutch Less Start and if we talked about the fuel consumption, it gives a good average  of round about 65 miles/Litre. It can run up to the speed of 75 miles/hour.

Available in metallic color.

Price is Rs 50,000/-

Here are some other choices with their prices.

1. Galaxy X2 Scooty.with the Price of Rs. 88,000/-

2. Galaxy X4 Electric Scooty.     with the Price of Rs. 84,000/-

3. Aurora X1 Scooty with the Price of Rs. 78,000/-

4. Aurora X1 Electric Scooty 49cc with the Price of Rs 78,000/-

5. Dawaai Electric Wheelchair Iron Body Scooty 165  with the Price of Rs. 123,500/-

6. Scooby Doo Child S Deluxe Costume Large with the Price of Rs. 11,799/-

Electric Scooties , as compared to the Patrol Engine Scooties are rechargeable. You need not to go to a filling station. Just get it charged at home. No pollution produced by the Engine. It has an electrical motor which is connected to the battery. No complicated  engine. Not even  noise pollution.

Whereas Patrol engine Scooties are more powerful as compared to the electric scooties. They are more reliable for the long journeys.

In the start there were very little number of companies which were manufacturing scooties.

But today because of rising trend of using scooties in girls, we are sure that we will have a large variety of scooties with more features, comfortability , safety in less Price in Pakistan.


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