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Today the internet has become a need of almost every walk of life. Unlike the past it has expanded its functional capacities. Business , Social, Educational, Multimedia and all other sectors have changed their basic organizational structure according to the new demands. New ideas and experiments have led the world to success with speed an it created the need of skills of various types from all over the world. Today we have a lot of choices to use improved skills.

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So it is providing new opportunities for the everyone to use his skills. You have whole world to buy your skills.

The number of people, with different online jobs, is increasing and that is how various online jobs are available to an individual. 

Most of online jobs do not require your physical presence and you can do it while you sitting at home.

Find one suitable for you and get paid for it.


As it is mentioned before that working online does not require physical presence. It has expanded the variety of choice for the job provider. He can select the better,  more improved skills, in minimal cost for him throughout the world.

Because of increased unemployment rate, the countries like Pakistan are the better choices to hire skills for a less price. There is a big number of highly skillful people seeking jobs in Pakistan. Which are having the skills of international standard. So there are many online jobs opportunities available 


One of the ways to earn money online in Pakistan is Freelancing.  People all over the world are earning a reasonable amount through working for Sites like Freelancer, Fiverr etc. These site are the platforms for sail and purchase of skills and services. Be sure of your skills or services, create a complete introduction of what you can do and  upload it on the site and wait. Soon you will be provided with a chance to prove your skills and earn money also. 

The best about it is that client and service provide both have multiple choices, which helps in improving the quality of work and thus an increased earning in return. At the start  you may not get project with a reasonable price but don’t give up. Just keep doing it. And with your hard work and patience, after some time,  you will be earning a reasonable amount. That will. Improve your skills and experience and also you will have an increasing customer-ship and goodwill.

This is a popular trend in Pakistan and a large number of youth is working online depending upon the time they can manage for it.  Many young’s are affording their educational expenses by work so.

Fiverr scores millions in providing services throughout the world. Depending upon the work, it pays from 5 dollars to 10,000 dollars. So it is not just a part time business but it may prove to be a career. Fiverr started about 10 years ago. And now it has become a top listed trend.


If you have the experience of teaching, you can do it online. It is an other good way to earn online. It can be done by the use of video calls, audio calls, images, pdf etc. Many software for the purpose are available online. WhatsApp is a perfect software for this purpose. You can send everything thing related to the studies through it. You can make a reasonable earning by setting up a teaching plan. 


You can earn online by graphic designing and if you have professional skills then it can be a good job. With a necessary graphic tools installed on your computer, you can prove your abilities. Different tools are available online with different features which make your work easier. Many people in Pakistan are doing this job.


Many Pakistanis are using Google AdSense to earn online. This is a program by Google, which is designed to publish certain text, image or videos carrying some messages from the publisher. These content are seen to viewers, for which the Google AdSense is paid. And being a part of Google AdSense you can earn a handsome amount for you depending upon your work.


This is one of the top trends of the people who wants to earn online. YouTube provides an opportunity to us that we can upload our videos to youtube by creating a youtube channel. Following a procedure you can create a youtube channel. Create a channel and upload your videos. Your videos should meet the standard which youtube has set. Videos must not be against the terms and conditions stated by youtube. If  the videos of your channel are viewed more than 4000 hours within year, your channel will be monetized after review and you will be paid by YouTube. Although it requires a hard work and patience but if you keep working hard, you can earn upto millions per year. Many Pakistani are running YouTube channels.


If you have a creative nature and confidence in yourself,  you can receive a good response in this field. Just don’t not expect a quick result and consistently work for the topic you have selected.  The result may not be encouraging at start but don’t give up. You will observe a slow and steady increase in visitors. It actually depends upon the quality of your work. Because it is a little hard , so the result may slow and below your expectations but once it got the track, it can be a good source of income.


Data entry job requires an interest connection. And if you have a good  knowledge to operating a computer system, you can make money in this way. You have to copy a text to the data entry. It does nor require any registration process. So it is an easy job and one can earn a good amount working this method.


Goto site like or or you can use Instagram for selling your second hand things. A large number of people prefer to purchase second hand necessary items. 

Write down the features and conditions of these items so that viewers can be able to guess the accurate condition of the item. It will help them in deciding for suitable choice.

Besides that you can manage sale and purchase of variety of items online. Usually newly introduced item may be a good choice for selling online.


The ways of earning mentioned above are not the only choices.

There are many other ways to get business online. 


Many people require to have an online platform for different purposes. Most of them do not know how. If you have the skills and you are expert in it, you can sail domains online to such people.  This is a good business for those who have got the related knowledge and experience. 



If you are working for outside Pakistan, must be sure that the payment method through which you are going to be paid is working within Pakistan. You can face problem because if the source has a payment method which is not available in Pakistan.


Because you are connected to the whole world while getting an online work. You may be victim of frauds. It may happen that you have done a job given to you but you are not paid for it. So before you start, confirm that the source you are working for is not a fraud.

HOWEVER , it is not the all how you can earn online. There may be many other ways of online earning. Possibly they may be available to a limited area or they require some special skills. Find out one which you are expert of. The decision is yours.

Generally the beginner should start with data entry job or content writing until you have got enough experience and links. Try to keep your self in touch with social media. It is very help to you. Try not adopting short cut. Never expect rapid results. Keeping all that in mind will lead you to the better results. 


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