Netflix Packages in Pakistan 2022


 As you know that there is a lot of demand of Netflix packages. Netflix is considered as one of the top entertainment platform on internet. Netflix is video streaming platform where different shows and movies are streamed. And it is very good news for young generation that Netflix is officially available in Pakistan. Billing payment is also easy because it is available officially in Pakistan. Headquarter of Netflix is in California. But Netflix is providing service of life streaming all over the world. And Netflix is famous because it gave original movies and shows. Netflix has quite writing of documentaries, movies and TV shows. Netflix bring revolution in media industry because it provide original content. Netflix Netflix is working officially in Pakistan and you don’t need VPN and other hacking tools.

List of Packages of Netflix for Pakistan:

Netflix is offering three different plans for Pakistani customers. You can easily choose from these packages and subscribe them easily. As you know that first month is free for all customers. 

Price of packages are different. And depends upon number of users and views.  You need to select package according to number of people or users. User can unsubscribe the plan at any time. There is no restriction for cancellation of Netflix packages. Netflix is offering cheap rates of packages. In future Netflix will launch packages for mobile and tablets. May be Netflix will reduce the price of plans for mobile phone and tablets. These all packages offers same service of TV shows and movies. 


1- Netflix Basic Plan:

Price of basic plan is 950 rupees per month. This package offers complete video catalog. User can use only one screen at a time. Quality of streaming is available in Standard definition (SD) quality. This package is only for one person. HD quality is not included in this package.



2- Netflix Standard Plan:

Price of standard plan is 1200 rupees per month. User can use two screens a same time. Two user can use this account at a same time. HD quality of video is available in this package. But ultra HD quality is not available in this package. This package offers complete video catalog. This plan also offers download option to users.




3- Netflix Premium plan:

Price of premium plan is 1500 rupees per month. This plan offers all features of Netflix. User can use four screens at a same time. Four users can use this account at a same time. Four users can watch movies and TV shows at a same time. User can use ultra HD quality and HD quality. Download option is also available in this plan.




Payment for Netflix Packages:

After selecting the desired package of Netflix then you need to buy the plan. In next lines I will tell you how to buy Netflix packages.



1- Buy Directly from Official website of Netflix:

After completion of steps of sign up on Netflix. Then you need to select the package. After selection of package then you need to add credit or debit card. Netflix will deduct subscription fee from your credit card. Netflix asks before deducting subscription fee from credit card. User can also remove credit card from Netflix at any time.



2- Buy Netflix packages via PTCL:

Some banks are not allowed to their customers for payment of Netflix. If you don’t have your own debit card or credit card then don’t worry. You can buy Netflix packages by using PTCL. You need to visit the this link.


  • After visiting this website you need to sign up on this link. 
  • Subscription fee of Netflix will be added to your PTCL bill. This service will be available on every month.




If you are crazy fan of watching movies and you need subscription of Netflix then you need to follow above mentioned methods. If you don’t have a credit card then don’t need to worry because you can also subscribe Netflix packages by using service of PTCL.


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