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In this Article We will Share with you jazz double number offer.

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Before we start the topic, let’s talk about the functionality of a SIM Card because it is necessary to understand how I mobile phone works with the help of SIM. 

In the start , mobile phones did not have SIM Cards separately.  Customer had to go the service provider, where they assigned a number to the mobile phone. Those mobile phones had a built in system to save the number and then worked like SIM phones.

With the passage of time more companies stepped in and users had more than one choice, suitable for them. In that situation the process of changing network was to slow and involved the service provider to change and get the other network connection. To solve this complication, a system was needed which should be more easy and less time consuming.



As a solution, a separate card (SIM) was introduced. It is actually a card with a storage capacity and it’s can save information. The serial number of the SIM and SIM number is written into it. The serial number is unique and it can not be assigned to any other SIM but the SIM number can be changed by the Network.

This method is easy to use as compared with the old system. It has made the process of changing SIM or Networks more easy. Users can change their numbers without the help of service provider.

You can also change your phone easily because the phone number and your other personal information’s are saved in the SIM card.  Just take your SIM card out of the phone and insert it in the new phone. All your contacts, your messages are with you.


So the SIM Card system has replaced the old system because of its merits.

Moreover, mostly SIM phones come with the functionality of 2 SIM slots and today mobile phone user has more options.



As the competition begins between the networks, all the Networks try to provide new and useful offers. JAZZ introduces a facility to use two numbers in one SIM Card namely JAZZ DOUBLE UP NUMBER.

Although it is useful but because it involves only one SIM Card for the both numbers, it has a different procedure is to be followed to use both numbers. So it should be described in details.

Many people do not like to run double Sim and still they need a second number. Or they may need it for some time and they do not want a second Sim.

Or for some other reasons you may require a second number. Your problem is solved. Yes , mobile networks in Pakistan have provided the facility.


Jazz has offered this service as DOUBLE UP NUMBER.



This offer does not support the post paid customers because it is for prepaid phone users only.



Because this offer is not a monthly or weekly package and you can subscribe or unsubscribe it whenever you want. So the you will have to pay 0.43 rupees for subscription. 


After you are subscribed to the offer, 


1. per call will cost you 0.60 rupees per minute


2. per SMS will cost you 0.60 rupees


3. Prefix Call will cost you 1.44 rupees per minute


4. Prefix SMS is free.





@ 10 rupees per month

You can arrange a meeting or Conference with more than one persons. You will have to send a PIN to all the members by which they will be able to be the part of that meeting.


To get PIN you will need to  


call at 4030. Here you will have to choose “Meeting Point” from the option.


In message box write “MEETING”  and  write 4030 into the Send To box and send.


You can arrange meeting by visiting Jazz Double Up Number Website.



@ 10 rupees per month

If you were unable to get some important calls because you were busy then you can set a reminder to call them back when you are free. Or you did not pick calls in the ten minutes a prompt SMS for calling them back will be sent to you.



@ 10 rupees per month

Signature is a text defined by user which is displayed at the end of the SMS when it is received to someone. If you want set a signature you can do it by

Sending an SMS to 4030 in this way

“Sig(The text of the Signature)”

It will look like “Sig Raza Ali”.

The signature will be set and shown at the end of every sent SMS.


Visiting Jazz Double Up Nber Website, you can set it in Account Setting.



@ 10 rupees per month

You can have a backup of your messages. With the Jazz Double Up Number Offer an archive of your all SMSs is available on web.

: Once you are subscribed to the offer , you can use your second number if you have balance in your account. You need not to recharge your second number separately. On the recharge of your primary number , both your number will be working. It means recharge and deduction of balance for both number use same primary number account.




  • For subscription of this feature write “sub” to 5929.
  • The procedure to block unwanted calls is very simple. Just dialing 5929 and selecting 1 you will be asked to give the number which you want to block. 


Write “Block” in message and send to 5929.



dialing 5929 and selecting 2 you will be asked to give the number which you want to unblock.


Write “Unblock” in message and send to 5929.


  • In ordet to make a call add 88 before the number you want to  call or send SMS. Suppose you want call or send SMS to the number 
  • 03** **12345
  •  then you dial it 
  • 8803** **12345
  • So you just got to dial 88 & complete number. 

And anyone calling or messaging to you will need no special criteria to follow. They can call you or message you following the regular method of calling or messaging. As they use to call any other number.

Same is applicable for PTCL.



You can use this facility in two ways

1. You can specify a time schedule for logging on and off for the number. It will automatically switch on or off according to the given times.

2. Call 4030 and select for logging option.

3. Send SMS to 4030 and select for logging option.


How to Subscribe Jazz double number offer?


  • To subscribe on Jazz Double Up Number dial 4030 and then on  selecting 1 you will be subscribed to the offer.

Unsubscribe Double Number Offer

  • To unsubscribe from this offer you need to dial 4030 again and then on  selecting 0 you will be unsubscribed from this offer.


Final Words

Jazz is most popular network of Pakistan with a largest number of its users. It is aiming to facilitate its customers by introducing new offers every coming day and we hope that this article will be helpful to you. So get ready get ready to use this magnificent offer by Jazz offer.


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