Jazz Balance Save Code 2022


 How to save or lock Jazz, Warid balance via code and through internet in 2022


Jazz is the most famous and No.1 telecom network of Pakistan. It has millions of subscribers. Jazz telecom network working from a long time in Pakistan and give many facilities and best packages to their loving customer in which SMS package, Call minutes and internet MB and many other packages. But today we give you a new and most wonderful option of Jazz telecom network that how you can save their balance or lock their jazz balance.

Many times, customers are facing problem related their balance like that they using any package and their expire but they don’t know and many times they using internet without any package so here we give you some method to save their balance in such situations.

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Jazz Balance Save Code

So, in this article we give you information that how you can save their jazz balance by using codes and through internet. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you.

Save or lock their Jazz balance

Here we will give you 4 different methods to save or lock their jazz warid balance like as

1.    Save or lock Jazz balance via code
2.    Save your jazz balance through another account
3.    Activate call bearing service
4.    Unsubscribe unwanted services

Now we start our topic with detail discussed below


1. Save or lock Jazz balance Via code

Many times, you using internet and your balance is finish that’s why you face a problem. But there is a code which you subscribe while using internet you face now any problem and your balance will be saved.

Subscribe code


  • To lock your jazz balance, subscribe this latest code *275#.


Unsubscribe code for unlock balance

To unlock their jazz warid balance then you need to unsubscribe the code. To unsubscribe code, dial this code *275*4#.

2.Convert your balance into main account

Another method to save their balance is to convert their balance in Virtual space (main Account) which present in your phone with same Jazz number. This method is very simple and clear. For this purpose, you just need to dial a code and follow some steps given below.

Subscribe code to save balance into another account

  • To subscribe code for convert balance into main account follow these three steps given below.
  • From your SIM card dial this code *869# and press send button.
  • After that you will receive a notification from network “Raqam daalain”.
  • Then enter you amount which you want to save and press send button.
  • Now you will receive a message that your amount successfully saved for future use.


Unsubscribe or unlock balance from other account

  • When you want to use their balance for use, you can easily unsubscribe or unlock balance by following three steps given below.
  • Form your jazz SIM dial this code *869# and press send button to unlock their saved amount.
  • After you will receive a notification “Raqam Neekalin”
  • Then reply 3 for unlock their balance
  • After that you will receive a message that your amount has successfully unlocked.

Note: To unsubscribe or unlock balance from main account you will be charged 1.2 Pakistani rupees.

3. Set up call bearing

  • The third method to save balance is set up of call bearing from outgoing calls which means to block outgoing call. When you do this your balance will be saved at maximum level.
  • To set up call bearing from outgoing call subscribe code *33*0000#.
  • To unsubscribe call bearing from outgoing calls again dial *33*000# and press send button.
  • When you subscribe this incoming call, you can receive.

4.Unsubscribe all unwanted jazz services

  • When your balance automatically consumed even you don’t use, it means your numbers received many jazz services when you don’t need. Then to avoid this problem you need to unsubscribe all such jazz services.
  • To know about unwanted service, dial a code “6611” and press send button.
  • Then you will receive a detail of all service activated from Jazz network.
  • Now check this list and which service are unwanted for you then
  • Type unsubscribe-space- service name or number and again send to “6611”. Now your unwanted services will be unsubscribed.


In this article we give your complete detail that how you can save or lock their jazz warid balance from miss use and wastage. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you. Please share this wonderful information with your family, friends and their loved ones so that they can be benefited from these things. For any query or need extra guidance please leave a comment in comment box.

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