How to Remove/Delete Easypaisa Account


 was a service launched by the mobile phone company in 2009, Telenor. It was a good service by the company. It helped the people a lot. Although the banks gave the facility to their clients to send and  receive money, but it was either in old way which was very complicated and wasted much time or if it was online then it was available to a very limited areas and that is why limited number of people could be able to use it. So in this situation the Services like Easy Paisa were really helpful. 

But situation today is formed by     the new ideas , new requirements by the public, and in return new services. Many companies step in  a same service and in competition offer even better packages. Moreover, many irregularities are reported on the behalf of their services. So taking all things into consideration you may think to leave old methods and decide to try newer experiences.


How to delete easypaisa account

If you have an Easy Paisa Account and you want to delete it then you can do so by following the procedures written below.


Online Remove easypaisa account

Here is step by step procedure to remove your Easy Paisa Account.

1. You can dial 3737 on your telenor mobile sim or if you are using other network then you will have to dial Universalizing Access Number for Telenor Easy Paisa which is written below:

(042) 111-003-737

2. Wait for the Operator to connect.

3. Computer recorded voice will direct you to the Menu.

4. Choose Customer Care Representative to talk with.

5. If all the lines are busy then you have to wait you are connected to one.

6. When you are connected to him ask him to remove you are Easy Paisa Account Subscription.

7. You will be asked some questions and details

8. After the verification of these questions your account will be removed.

9. After sometime you will be notified that you Easy Paisa Account has been removed.


NOTE: Before you remove your Easy Paisa Account, be sure that no fund remains in your account.



  • Another way to remove your Easy Paisa Account is to visit the nearest franchise of the area you live in.
  • Request to remove Your Easy Paisa Account.
  • You will be given a form. Fill the information required by that form and return it to them along with the copy of your identity card.
  • How some necessary procedure , your account will be due to do.



Here is some additional information Easy Paisa Account. 

When you do not use your Easy Paisa Account for a duration, specified by Telenor ( 3 months), your Easy Paisa Account becomes DORMANT. It is not deleted but it stops functioning, to avoid any problem. It stays DORMANT until you deposit some amount in it. When you deposit some amount , it is activated again.


The procedure of starting and stopping the Easy Paisa Account and the other accounts of this type, is subject to the conditions and criteria defined by the  service providing company. So it can vary from one another and also it can be partially or fully changed whenever the company deems it necessary to make change in it.


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