How to Make Conference call on Zong 2022


 How to activate Zong Conference call on Zong network

Zong is the famous telecom network which based by china. It has millions of subscribers which increases day be day. This network provides many packages at cheaper rate to their loving users like as SMS packages, call minutes and internet MBs. The best service of Zong telecom network is to provide their internet service, they also provide 4G service at fast speed and cheapest rate.

Here we give you information about Zong Conference call code which about many uses don’t know. It was the best Zong telecom network which detail will be discussed here and this article will be very beneficial and useful for you. This service is valid for both prepaid and postpaid users.



What is Conference call?

To start our topic how you can activate Zong conference call, first we tell you what is conference call. 

Conference call is such a call which doing more than two persons by using one line. Conference call basically a group conversation which mostly uses by companies for meeting with their employees at nominal charges or friends to conversate each other. But to make conference call every one must have their own phone set.



How to Activate Zong Conference call 

To activate Zong Conference call is very simple and easy way. You can do it by following the steps mentioned here.

  • First you need to call *310# Zong helpline number.
  • Then dial 2- here you listen call option.
  • Then dial 0 to talk with Zong operator.
  • After successfully connected call with operator, request him to activate their conference call.
  • Then you conference call will be activated without any charges but you have must unlimited Zong call package.
  • Now dial the number of a person which you want to do conference call.
  • When first person receives the call, then hold the call go to options and dial a new number. 
  • Later dial a new number same method given point number 7 and do conference call with maximum people. 
  • The receiver callers will not pay any charges. The person who doing the call he will pay service charges but the charges are nominal for conference call. 



The easiest why to doing conference call

Here we give an easy why to do conference call which steps are given below.

  • First open your call default from your android or other phone set.
  • Now dial a number of their recipient.
  • When your recipients receive the call, then hold this call.
  • Now go to setting or menu
  • Dial other person call and wait for receiving call. 




You can do many persons call by using conference call option at the same time at nominal charges. But if you face any problem doing conference call, then you need to call Zong help line number and solve their problem.



Terms and conditions

  • To doing conference call you must follow the company’s terms and conditions.
  • To doing conference call must have unlimited call packages.
  • Conference call can be done for more that two persons or maximum people.
  • Conference call can be uses for meeting purposes to their employees or colleagues.
  • Receivers are not paying any charges for conference call just call dialer person will pay the service charges. 




In this article we give you complete information that how you can do Conference call by using Zong telecom network. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you especially for companies and their employees. 

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Facebook, Whattsapp, Twitter and through Instagram so that they can be benefited from this information in their daily routine. For any query or need extra guidance please visit our website or leave a comment in comment box, we will solve your problem errantly in Sha Allah. 


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