How to check zong sim number with easy way


In this Post we are going to tell you four easy methods to check your zong sim number.

Usually in mobile phones no information about your sim number is available. If you goto Settings >About Phone. Among the other information’s like battery, Model Android version and Year etc. you will see Phone number but it is having no information of your sim until you note it. Because phones do not record it automatically. 

Sim card modules do not come with the Sim Number printed on it. The number of sim is printed apart from sim module , on the card in which the sim module is fit. 

Sometimes, when you have got a new sim or you find an old sim at your home and you do not know its number, that sim will be useless for you because you can not tell anybody that on what number they can call you.

Mobile networks usually do not supply any procedure following which you can easily check the sim number. It might create problems sometimes. You will contact someone who knows how to get out of the problem. But what if you don’t find anyone?


How to Check Zong Sim Number

Mobile networks have complicated and costly methods to check sim number. You are lucky if the sim you are checking the number of, is a zong sim because zong has provided easy and cost free methods to check you sim number.

Read the details given below and select a method of checking zong sim number.




Zong has provided some free services. One of them is that you can send an SMS even if you have no account balance. Zong has given a code dialing which an auto message to request for call will be generated and sent to the number you have entered.


This service can be used to check the sim number also.

Send *100# from the sim of which you want to know the number. Options will appear on screen. Select to send free SMS. Again you will be asked the number. Write here the number of any family member or a friend. The auto generated message will be sent by Zong to that number. If this family or friend member is around you then you can check his inbox and you will find the received message with the number of that Zong sim of which you need to check the number.

It will cost you nothing. 

Note: Using this method you don’t even need anyone else to send free SMS. If you have a dual sim phone and another sim inserted in it. You can send that SMS to second sim.



You can inquire Zong Sim number by Zong Customer Care Representative if it seems difficult to you to use Free Sms Service to find this sim number out. Zong has provided an efficient service to help its customers. Let the Representative know the details of

1. You Name

2. Your Identification Card Number

3. The number which is printed on the other side of sim e.g. IMSI.( a 15 digits number)

(Note: This number is unique identity of the Sim Card and it is other than Sim Number ).. And in a short while you would be informed about the sim number.

To get information of the Zong Sim Number through the help of Company Representative, You need the code *310#.



3. BY MOBILE PHONE ( Not working for all phones)

Many phones come with the feature to record the sim number inserted in it. Just explore the settings and you will find it somewhere. Different phones have stored the sim number information differently. Usually you can find it by opening Phone Settings > About Phone, where you will see different heads like, Battery, Android Version, Model etc. With these heads you will see My Phone Number. You can note the sim number.

As we have already explained this feature is not necessarily included in all phones. So the method would be working only in the phones which are having this feature.



4. Zong Sim Number Check Code

Zong has provided its customers some Code to check the Sim number. Just dial *8# and send. And this code will return you the number of sim.

You should be aware that all these codes can be partially or completely changed by network provider company. And also that every network has its own different codes for different operations.

Every method explained here has its own use. It is up to you that which way to inquire your sim number suites you.


ZONG is aiming to attract and increase the number of its customers. And for this purpose it has introduced a range of good services for users. So insert your Zong Sim into the phone and check its number  one of the ways we told you and enjoy the services.


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