How to Check CNIC Bio Data Online Complete Details


How to Check CNIC Bio Data Online

In this Blog Post We are going to share with you Check cnic number bio data online with complete details.

What is CNIC?

CNIC stands for Computerized National Identity Card. CNIC is a very important document for Pakistani residents. CNIC number is 13 digits number. NADRA issues this CNIC. NADRA stands for National Database Registration Authority. Every person has a unique CNIC number. 

CNIC is compulsory for every Pakistani. If your age is 18 years or above then CNIC is mandatory for you. 

NADRA keeps a record of all Pakistani citizens. When you registered at NADRA a specific and unique 13 digits number is given to you. In the last decade, NADRA issues an old identity card. But nowadays NADRA issues a new computerized national identity card. 

NADRA is offering an online verification system for all Pakistani. Pakistani citizens can check these details by using mobile. Many Pakistanis are facing different security problems and NADRA is working to overcome these problems. NADRA introduced a good step. This step is simple and easy. You can check the number of sims registered against your CNIC. If you are good citizens then you should cooperate with the NADRA office. 

CNIC verification is necessary for every citizen. Because citizens of Afghanistan have fake CNIC cards. Due to the increase in terrorism, NADRA introduced verification of CNIC. 

Importance of CNIC: cnic number bio data online

In the last decade, terrorist activities were increasing day by day. Then NADRA keeps the data of Pakistani citizens computerized. You can also be called it the National Identity of Pakistani citizens. If you are not registered with NADRA then you will be considered as a strange person. You need to register yourself with NADRA. 

The Pakistani government is offering different benefits to Pakistani citizens. You can avail of these benefits if you are the holder of CNIC issued by NADRA. Here is a list of benefits of CNIC.

1- Pakistani citizens can cast their votes.

2- If you want to open your bank account in Pakistan then you need CNIC for this purpose.

3- If you want to apply for a passport then CNIC is necessary for you.

4- If you want to apply for a driving license then CNIC is necessary for you.

5- If you want to purchase any land or property in Pakistan then CNIC is mandatory for this procedure.

6- If you want to buy a new sim then CNIC is mandatory. You cannot buy a new sim without a valid CNIC.

Verification of CNIC reduced criminal activity in Pakistan. Every mobile number is registered against CNIC and any illegal activity from any mobile number is easily tracked from CNIC number. 

Checking of CNIC number by using mobile number:

  • It is a very easy and simple  method.
  • First of all, open the message application on your cell phone.
  • After this, you need to send an empty message to 667.
  • After some time you will receive a reply from a particular telecommunication company. 
  • All details about your sim will be available in the message.
  • You will receive the CNIC number in the message.

Note: In some mobiles, you will be unable to send the blank message then write any letter in the message box.

If you are using a sim of Ufone then you need to dial *336# after dialing this code type 1. You will receive your CNIC details in a message. 

If you are using Telenor sim then send an empty message to 7751. After sending the blank message you will receive CNIC details.

Checking of CNIC verification and Bio Data:

NADRA office introduced an online system for this purpose. You can check CNIC verification online. For this purpose, you need to visit the official website of NADRA. 

Checking of CNIC verification and Bio-Data by using mobile number:

  • First of all, open the message application on a mobile phone.
  • Type CNIC number in message option.
  • Send this CNIC number to 7000.
  • Within few moments you will receive the name of the CNIC holder and the father’s name of the CNIC holder.

Checking of CNIC number verification and Bio Data online:

NADRA allows you to check these all details online while staying at home.

  • First of all, open any browser  visit the official website of NADRA. 
  • Then open the identity tracking option on the official website.
  • Then enter the CNIC number in the given space.
  • After clicking on the check button you will receive data of the CNIC holder.

Checking of CNIC details by using hidden details in CNIC number:

As you know that CNIC number has 13 digits. These all 13 digits have hidden information in them. In this article, I will also reveal this hidden secret. 

1st Digit:

The first digit shows the name of the province. 

1 for KPK

2 for FATA

3 for Punjab

4 for Sindh

5 for Balochistan

6 for Islamabad

7 for Gilgit

These numbers can not be changed.

2nd Digit:

This second digit represents the division. 


If the second digit is 4 then it is representing the 4th division of province Punjab. 4th division of Punjab is Gujranwala.

3rd Digit:

This digit shows the district. If the 3rd digit is 2 then its district will be Gujrat.

4th Digit:

This 4th digit shows tehsil. 


If the 4th digit is zero then the tehsil and district are the same. If the digit will be other than zero then it will be according to tehsil.

5th Digit:

It is representing the union council number.

Next Seven Digits:

These seven digits are representing the family number. Every family has its unique number. The middle code will be the same for all members of the family.

Last Digit:

These last digits will be from 1 to 9.

An odd number is for males (1, 3, 7, 9).

Even number is for female (2, 4, 6, 8).


If you read this article carefully then you can check CNIC details by using mobile numbers and other platforms. The use of the NADRA website is easy and simple. If you want to get information then follow the above-mentioned steps. If you want to get more information about Pakistan then read our other articles.


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