List of Top Sugar mills in Pakistan 2022


If you are asked to go to the market and purchase daily kitchen items and a list of these items is handed over to you. You just go to the market , purchase those items, pay for them and bring all that items to home, and you are done. Normally you have no interest in all that except you have to bring it at home. But if you take a look of list you will notice sugar (   چینی) to be in the top numbers. And the same applies to almost every kitchen in Pakistan. Can you imagine what amount of sugar is used per year in Pakistan. According to a statement , Pakistani used 433 million kilograms of sugar in 2019. It is obvious that the above mentioned figure will increase in the coming years.

Moreover Pakistan is also exporting sugar to the other countries.

In the past number of Sugar Mills was small. But today we have a large number of Sugar Mill Units to meet such a huge demand of Sugar in all over the country. Pakistan stands at  6th position in largest sugarcane producing countries.

Round about 3.9 million people are connected to the sugar industry in Pakistan.

List of  Sugar mills in pakistan


JDW Group is well Known name in this Industry.

Besides the production of sugar JDW Group is also interested in innovative farming techniques of sugar cane. It can help in increase of production.

The Group has 3 Sugar Mills Units. These units are in different cities of Rahim Yar Khan(Punjab) and Ghotki (Sindh). The total Crushing Capacity of all three Units is about 44,500 TCD. 15 % to 17% of the total production of sugar in country, is produced by the Group. Here is the details of all three units.

1. JDW Unit-I (20,500 TCD),

2.JDW Unit-II (10,000 TCD) 


3.JDW Unit-III (14,000 TCD)


Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited is another growing star of Sugar industry in Pakistan. It was founded in 1988 as a Limited Company. Which now stand top-listed among the other big names of sugar industry, with its shares in Pakistan Stock Exchange.

White crystalline Sugar, Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide are the main production of the Company.

With the installation of new machinery TSML is now upgrading it crushing capacity. With this upgrade, the graph of fuel and electricity consumption will be reduced than in the past.  And the figure of 32,000 TCD will raise upto 38,750 TCD during FY17.

The details of TSML units  are given below.

1. TSML Sugar Unit-I 

It is situated in Kanjwani , Faisalabad ,Punjab. The capacity of  this unit is 6,500 TCD.

2. TSML Sugar Unit-II situated in Zamand,Dera Ismail Khan,  KPK. Sugar mills capacity of this unit is 12,000 TCD


3. TSML Sugar Unit-III  which is situated in Rehman Hajira , Muzaffargarh ,Punjab. The capacity of  this unit is 13,500 TCD. 

The collective capacity of all three units is 32,000 TCD.

This figure plays the company among the toppers of the industry.


Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited (incorporated in 1991) is located in Nankana Sahib. The company believes in the strategy of gradual improvement in technology. It is responsible for the technology of split cane carrier system , which is a revolution in the sugar industry of Pakistan.

Secondly, the company introduced for the first time in Pakistan Pressure Evaporation System —

with Falling Film Type Evaporator Bodies and 3 boilers , the  weight of each boiler is 80 tons.

The production of sugar and Christian to the highest possible purity is the company’s first preference. It is because of its quality product that makes it one of the top companies. With the installation of 5 roller pressure feeder mill a high crushing rate is achieved. Designed by Haseeb Waqas Engineering, 5 miles milling tandem consists of 42″ x 84″ which is having the per day crushing capacity of 10,000 tons.

Hwsml Sugar Mills company Head Office is situated in Lahore.

Ranipur Sugar Mills (PVT.) Limited

Ranipur Sugar Mills is a well knwn name in producing high quality sugar by stat of art plant.The high quality production  of sugar ,with use of the State of the Art equipments , falling film and SCP, is supplied to the all parts of the county. Ranipur Sugar Mills is providing employment to thousands of people, bringing prosperity to the area


Shakarganj Mills Limited is a famous brand of the Market.

Productions of the mills are ranging from icing sugar, sugar cubes, sachets, retail packs,

 pharmaceutical, beverage, and commercial grades sugar as well as soft brown sugar, caster  etc. Although the basic production of the mill is refined cane sugar and also sugar by-products.


Herw are some more names of the industry which are striving for the best quality of there products.

1. Noon Sugar Mills Bhulwal Sargodha Punjab

2. Yousuf Sugar Mills Shahpur

3. Chishtia Sugar Mills

4. Phalia Sugar Mills

 Sugar Industry in pakistan is growing rapidly and we hope that soon Pakistan will become pioneer  in exporting sugar to the all part of the world.

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